Divorce Real Estate

Although the marital home generally accounts for 60% of a families net worth, there is nearly no-state-prescribed guidance for divorce real estate, often the most valuable marital asset.  What’s more,  a survey taken by 402 Judges and Attorney’s, found most house documents are missing from case files. As a result, 71% of respondents agreed that the current custom leads to uniformed decision making.

As RCS-D trained professional’s we understand that when dividing marital property, appraisal minus mortgage doesn’t necessarily equal actual equity. This incomplete equation leaves your house over-valued and can work against you in family mediation/divorce matters.  To help ensure divorcing homeowners have the information they need to make better informed decisions, we provide free enhanced house due diligence support designed to help fill house evidence gaps often overlooked/missing. What’s more, our free consumer protection service and house evidence gathering tracking tool is there to help divorcing homeowners whether or not they choose to sell their home.

Our goal is for clients to “Keep the House for all the Right Reasons”  and avoid costly house mistakes that are often preventable during divorce but not fixable after.

Clients choosing to sell their home during/post divorce often prefer a neutral, third party Real Estate Broker who’s sensitive to divorce matters. We understand that there are many roles we provide homeowners to help to minimize the stress of home selling and we masterfully fulfill  each of them. Furthermore, our effective marketing campaigns coupled with a wide array of complementary services have been proven to net clients more for their home in a quicker amount of time than our competitors.

To help  clients choosing to keep their home get over some of the financial hurdles that come with refinancing during/post divorce, we provide a great referral service to top mortgage professionals that offer special programs allowing for quicker and easier refi qualifying than the traditional 6/36 rule.

Nothing matters more in our business than those we serve and that is apparent in everything we do. Furthermore, as a result of being active participants within the professional divorce community, we come across great resources that we are happy to share with others as well.

Divorce is a difficult time! Sheri’s high-level personalized service, experience, knowledge, dedication to her clients and caring demeanor help set her apart and demonstrate why her client’s often say that she is their Realtor for Life.